A Photo Essay: Luck & Leopards

I’ve a new love in my life. He’s a bit spotty, but I can live with that.

Leopards are, in my humble opinion, the most beautiful of big cats. Sleek, handsome, powerful, they have a sense of majesty and presence that no other seems to have.

Spotting a leopard can be quite tricky however, or so I am told by a number of people who have either been on safari or are African themselves and have yet never seen one. Maybe that spotty camouflage works even better than first thought. I have been lucky enough though to have seen five different leopards during my two safari experiences at Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve in South Africa.

From lazing up a tree in the heat of the day, to a cub hidden in the long grass, each has been an incredible experience which has made me want to pinch myself. None was more special than finding myself face to face with a beautiful female just a few steps away and staring directly at me through the patio doors at 3pm.

I think it’s best to let the photos speak for themselves…














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